We came clean


Paul and I told Oliver about the rooster’s demise today.  Last night I was worried about telling him the truth, because he’s such a sensitive soul, but we came clean and told him.  As expected, he didn’t take it so well and couldn’t understand why a dog would come and do that.  It was three dogs, and we told him that Perry did the best he could to protect his ladies.  Oliver cried about it for about a half an hour and then decided he needed to talk it out.  So we spent a while talking about death and how it’s a part of life.  We left Perry under the tree all day today, he’s still there now as a matter of fact, I don’t know what we’re waiting for….but, yeah.  After a while, Oliver wanted to go outside and see Perry.  So we held hands and I walked him out there to take a peek.  He was quiet and gave him a good look.  I asked him if he wanted to say anything to Perry and he declined.  We went back inside.  After another chunk of time passing, Oliver got a little chocked up and said “now the chickens won’t have anyone to protect them!”  He’s such a thoughtful young man.


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