Daily Archives: April 3, 2009

A call to action


There are a few of you out there in cyberspace that have told  me you are going to plant tomatoes, and herbs and the like.  I think it would be very sweet of you to take pictures of your endeavors that I can share with others via this blog.  There are a few of you out there!  We’ve discussed.  I think that’s great for all of you.  When I was thinking about it earlier and started to count everyone…it’s just great.  I hope this blog had something to do with it.  If not, read all of Michael Pollan’s books, maybe that will have an effect on how you view what you eat.

And for those of you who have no plans of growing anything, you should reconsider.

I’m still thinking about it


I cant stop thinking about the death of three of our birds.  Perry was lying down under the big tree next to their coop.  I went out with a head lamp to get a good look at him.  To let you all know, he looked peaceful, so….  I’m okay with the fact of only having 4 hens left.  My mind instantly jumped to replacing the birds, but now I’m straight.  There are two black hens missing, I glanced around with the light and didn’t notice them anywhere.  I am also thinking of the well being of the remaining birds.  They have to live with what happened, it won’t be easy for them.  We’re going to fix their yard that was damaged in the ice storm tomorrow.  

Rest in peace Perry 


Perry and the Donnas



what these pictures make me realize is that I haven’t taken any shots of these birds in a while.  This is Perry as a young Joe Buck.  This really sucks.

Please have the two missing black hens in your hearts.  Thank you.

Saddened beyond belief


To all of you who read this, and know of my rooster Perry, he was just attacked by some dogs and MURDERED! Also, two hens are missing.  Currently we are at some friends house having dinner, and one of the neighbors called Paul and told him of the massacre.  She acted and put up 4 of our hens in the coop and told him that two hens are still missing.  I’m here, I’m sad, and it’s time to eat.  Rest in peace Perry.  You were an asshole, but I loved you any way.  The worst thing is, that the neighbor who’s dogs did this is some crazy redneck dude who burns all of his trash and sends a plastic smell into the air.  I doubt he’ll be very remorseful about the death of our chickens at the mouth of his dogs.  He’ll probably have an easy come easy go attitude about it.  I hate that.  I’m so upset by this.  It just makes me think that maybe if we were there this wouldn’t have happened.  There’s no way to know, and that’s what is so frustrating about it.  I feel like I have just lost a member of the family.  So sad.  Pray for Perry and his flock.