I’m a liar


I’m sorry, I said that I would do a better job of keeping up and I have failed you.  8-8-08!  I can’t believe that that was the last time I wrote something.  So here we go.  Paul went through all of my beds that I had just scatter-seeded basil and separated the plants and replanted them.  He planted three more rows of just basil!  It will be great in a couple more weeks when we have 30 pounds of it for sale.  I couldn’t believe that there were that many starts, 250 or so.  Now we have grasshoppers all over the place.  Hundreds, maybe thousands of baby grasshoppers that look up at you and move their antennae at you, as if to say “what do you want?”  Well, I want you to get off of my plants.  Today was the mass exodus of our rooster crop.  If you’re just tuning in, we started off the season with fifteen baby chicks, presumably all hens.  As our babies grew, eight of the fifteen turned into dudes, and seven of them had to go.  Today was their day.  Roy came from Jaspar Arkansas to take them off of our hands.  So he put on his rooster grabbing gear and went to town.  Thank you Roy for reading my mind and coming for the roosters today.  Sales of our produce have gone a little static.  We are still getting rid of a pound or two of this and that here and there.  Our peppers are still ripening, our tomatoes as I might have mentioned are being canned by us, our squash is toast and our basil is just waiting to be sold.  I did plant some spaghetti squash seeds and bush bean seeds.  They are so far doing well.  My ‘Big Max’ pumpkins were devoured by squash beetles, but I think I might have saved one plant.  My other pumpkin patch is being swallowed up by the grass right now.  I tried mowing it out yesterday, but our lawn mower doesn’t seem to want to cooperate.


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  1. So I won’t be seeing you on the Today Show as the County Fair Giant Pumpkin Contest winner? I am so bummed.

    Haven’t tried your pizza recipe yet, but I’m hoping to this weekend. Eddie’s cousin Michael is coming over so I’ll use your tips to impress our guest.

    Keep truckin’.

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