Daily Archives: August 6, 2008

We be jammin’ and other effects


It was steamy hot mania today in our kitchen.  For today Paul and I canned some tomatoes, tomato juice and I made blueberry jam to round out the morning.  Pictures to follow on another day.  I took them and they are resting conveniently on my camera.  The pictures are nice.  All of those jars of prepared food.  I would like to thank Diane, Paul’s mother for teaching us how to can and preserve food.  I feel it is a really useful skill to have in these times of rising costs.  Thank you.

If you’re looking to make your fortune


Grow basil!  For real.  Basil is the cash crops of cash crops.  I think next year we’re just going to grow rows of lettuce, basil and whatever else we want for our own consumption.  It seems like this year we planted a lot of things with the intention to sell them.  That’s fine, because we have to pay the bills somehow, we almost have too, so far so good.  Getting back to the basil though, we’re getting $7.50/lb right now from the local organic grocery distributor.  Plus basil thrives the more you cut it, it just gets leafier and leafier.  Batta bing.