We be jammin’ and other effects


It was steamy hot mania today in our kitchen.  For today Paul and I canned some tomatoes, tomato juice and I made blueberry jam to round out the morning.  Pictures to follow on another day.  I took them and they are resting conveniently on my camera.  The pictures are nice.  All of those jars of prepared food.  I would like to thank Diane, Paul’s mother for teaching us how to can and preserve food.  I feel it is a really useful skill to have in these times of rising costs.  Thank you.


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  1. thanks guys

    nothin like gazing at your pantry when all is done….send pictures.

    i stopped on the way home and purchased about 50# of AR/ tomatoes to can up tomorrow, when I went to the garden I found another 10 or so pounds on the vine ready to pick !!!! YEA.

    we are still getting lots of cucs, but not so tasty….
    our red okra is really producing and heaven forbid those crazy
    long banana peppers every decide to die!!!! They are at least 3ft. tall and the sickist looking plants, but they just won’t quit making peppers….oh well.

    I hand pollinated my squash, thinking maybe the bees were just to dam busy with the cucs and had no time for the squash, but to no avail, the flowers keep falling off. The plants are beautiful and huge, but no food!!!!! I guess it is the soil, it is almost always the SOIL.

  2. Hey All,

    Bachie, sometimes the flowers fall off of plants due to heat. It does not matter if they are watered well or not. I know it happens to my tomato plants. Well I have to chime in and say that my plum tree this year has had a bumper crop. Spoke to my father in law,(the master gardner) about it and he said fruit trees along Colorados front range are having a great year. I guess it was a very long and gentle spring that did it because normally my plum tree gets a dozen plums on it (Its an ornamental plum). This year it must have 300 plums. I saw another one just like mine on the entrance to our neighborhood. It is also so filled with fruit the branches are hanging on teh ground.

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