“This is the basics”


Our neighbor Johnny came over the day after the farmer’s market last week.  It made us really happy that he came by to check out our “Op”.  Paul led him around and showed him all of our experiments.  Johnny was really impressed that we were taking on so much.  Aside from his blueberries, he only has a few other things that he’s growing.  He couldn’t understand why we were only renting this place and putting so much energy into it, that the “American Dream” is to own something and work it.  Paul told him that we were happy renting and doing what we’re dong for experience.  Johnny replied “Man this is the basics”.  He meant it as everyone should know how to do this.  It started the wheels in my head turning.  You’re right Johnny.  This is the basics.  Not too long ago, the general public did know how to grow their own food.  I guess when I say not too long ago I mean sixty years ago and earlier, during World War II.  Everyone had a victory garden, and had to supply themselves with vegetables and fruit.  Please don’t get me wrong, I know that their are still a lot of gardeners out there, but where are we now as the general public?  All of you reading right now I ask you to evaluate yourselves.  We rely on the grocery store don’t we?  THE BASICS!  Please, for me…grow something.


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  1. We’ve definetly become spoiled by our farmers market. Trying to grow a few things here and there has made us wonder why we don’t just leave it to them. But, I guess practice makes perfect — or at least edible!

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