10 Degree Drop in Temp = New Perspective



The weather has cooled slightly, instead of being 100+ degrees, it has dropped into the 90’s!  Some people don’t feel a difference, it’s HOT any way you look at it, but for those who work out in it, it makes a difference.  Plants hae bounced back, insects are flying around again, and we even got a little rain.  We wasted no time and got back out into the field, prepping and planting.


Planting a salad mix, and laying the drip line.









Planting beans.






Covering the seeds up.



“Sweet Jane”, came to us all the way from the great land of Long Island.  When she left here the other day, she had to return to start school again.  I don’t think she was very excited about it, she said that she’d rather stay in the field.  I agree, since I too am in school, and would rather be in the field as well.


The chickens are feeling the difference in the heat as well, their egg production is back up.


















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  1. woohoo it’s hot here too! i feel ya.

    do you not have a facebook anymore? i thought of yall today and wanted to say hey, then couldn’t find you! i guess that just prompted me to check out the blog. everything looks great! tell the boys hey from me and connor!

    • WEIRD!!!! I was thinking about you and Connor today too! I was driving, I don’t really remember the context, but there was a thought. Are you all in Maryland? Here’s our email: ozarkalternatives@gmail.com If this sends twice, so be it, I tried to send it earlier, and it glitched and sent me back to this screen. Things are good, looking forward to the fall winter season. Blissfully update free since june 8th!

      • Hey…not sure the best way to get a hold of you… I’m gonna be doing a cross country trip with a buddy next week. I was hoping to come and see you in the last week of Sept… tell me what you think. Miss you. Love you.

        The Brownest Brown You Know

      • You sure may come and see us! Can you nail down a more specific date, so that I can have a residence for you.

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