Thank you


I want to thank all of you who visit and tell you a little bit about what’s coming up next year.  First off, our camera was fixed.  Thank you, thank you, it was a difficult period for me not having it, but expect more pictures soon.  Also, we have been working on a new hoop house, and by “we”, I mean everyone else but me.  WOOFmother, remember?  I make the soup.  Come January 3rd, our Fall/Winter CSA harvest will come to a close (squeeeeee!!!!!!) which, I must say has looked really nice every week.  The greens were unbelievable.  Toward the end of the month, Paul, Jonathan and I will be attending Southern SSAWG, which stands for Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working Group.  The conference is down in Little Rock, and thanks to our friends down at Ozark Natural Foods, we are able to make an appearance, and couldn’t be happier.  To you dear reader, thanks for hanging in there with me this season.  I know these last few weeks have been tough with nothing to read.  But never fear, as soon as the season starts up again, we will go on new, magical adventures with each other.  For now, I leave you with the wish of a happy new year.  OH!  And I got a banjo for Christmas!  So excited!  That’s what I’ll be doing for the next few weeks.  Maybe I’ll keep you updated on that!


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