You down with ECD? Yeah you know me!


Emily Cumbie-Drake has arrived again!  Look back into the archives fans, she was here end of August, early September, and on her way down to the Heifer Ranch in lovely, lively, hopping (please catch the sarcasm) Perryville Arkansas.  She came up today with three friends to see the sights and volunteer tomorrow morning.  Emily, what a pleasure it is having you back, and you and your friends are always welcome.  We’re about to settle-up, for those of you who don’t know, it’s an addictive little game called “Settlers of Catan”.  Anywho, always glad to have WWOOF-ers return, Grace : ) , it makes a body feel good to know you had some what of an impression…enough for them to return and give warm hugs.  All of our WOOF-pack has been amazing thus far.  We currently have a friend of the WOOF-pack here, John.  He is a friend of Sarah, who WWOOF-ed here a week ago or so.  We’re glad you’re here John.  Thank for coming.


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  1. I feel so special right now 🙂 Thanks for such a lovely visit and I’ll hopefully be back soon (to keep up my title as Settlers of Catan co-winner)

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