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  1. This is a critical issue, and I’m so glad you posted it. We’ve have a small ranch for over twenty years, and have refused to use pesticides and herbicides. It means more labor for us to maintain the pastures, but well worth the peace of mind knowing our livestock are not exposed to chemicals.

    Recently we were working in the corral where we have a well-fed concrete water tank that services our livestock and wild life. At the water inlet there were hundreds of bees seeking fresh water during this drought. I literally sat on the side of the tank and watched them. Not a single one paid any attention to me – they were from the original American non-agressive bee strain (like my dad kept when I was a kid) and had not mixed with the Africanized bees. We need desperately to protect them. I’m not being an alarmist when I say, between hybrid seed stock and decrease in our bee population – a food crisis IS in our future.

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