A thank you is in order


To all of you who have just recently looked my way and commented on my chickens, and possibly dug a little deeper, I give you a heart-felt thank you.  I was very humbled by the traffic I have received in the past few days.

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  1. Oh my gosh, YOU made my day. Here I am in Texas bawling because I have to sell my mama cows and babies because I can’t afford to buy more hay and feed for them. Last year we invested in a really good registered bull, with plans to keep our mamas healthy, happy and producing; and buying a few more as we made enough money. We enjoy watching and raising the calves until it’s time to go to the market. We felt good about being a proactive part of the safety and quality of meat going to dinner tables across America.

    Then I found your site. Girl, you make me so proud to be American. You and your family have worked hard to create a good life for your children and yourself. You’re not afraid of hard work, dedication and responsibility. I started reading your posts – the longer I read, the better I felt. There is hope after all for America – as long as we have people like you guys that care and value what America has to offer all of us. It is I that wants to say “Thank You.” May God bless you with everything you do. I plan to continue reading and learning!

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