This is “Snake Oil”


It rained last night.  A lot.  I don’t really know how to describe my joy.  We were able to catch approximately  500 gallons of water…I say this, by quickly doing some math in my head, so, you know, it could be WAY off.  I’m trying to think about approximately how long it’s been that the temperature has been over 100° F.  A LONG TIME.  Oh so long.  Months.  The amount of rain as really helpful on all levels.  The earth needed it around here.  Dry.  Dying.  Dying!  It felt like a fall day today, September-ish.  We’ve been living this summer with no air condition.  I’ll give you a second to process this.  Right, so, we have fans, but damn.  Tonight feels great.  The earth is damp still.  Paul, myself, and the WOOF-pack, (I know, I love it too), are sitting here talking about how today felt AMAZING!  Yesterday was amazing.  It just feels good.  Thank you Rain!


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  1. sat out on the porch this am (5 to be exact) sun coming up and cooler (86) then out of no where these huge billowy BLACK clouds came up over the trees the wind kicked up, knocked over plants, sent the turtle in the grass running and the birds took off, wow.
    wind, and pitch blackness….NO RAIN. Glad to hear you all got some relief.xoxoox

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