Energy was high today


A volunteer, Rose, who has been coming out to the farm for the last few weeks came over today and helped me do some chores.  We added compost to my soon to be garlic bed for this year, took down the corn in the community garden and filled pots with potting soil which we seeded with spinach and cabbage.  I suggested we take the corn down in the community garden last because it was just something that needed to be done and I didn’t think it would take that much time.  However, it turned into a huge ordeal because after the corn was removed, we had a huge pile of stalks that had to go somewhere.  My suggestion was to feed it to the goats, which live on the other side of the farm.  I didn’t think of how heavy and awkward it would be to haul the corn stalks over there.  It was work and we had a brain child to go and get the truck to haul the cornstalks to the goats.  It was a lot of loading and unloading.  We were filthy at the end of it.  It was supposed to be a simple task, but it turned out to be more of a chore than we anticipated.


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