Henry Builds a Cabin


I had more to say, but I just thought of it.

Henry David Thoreau, know him?  Great.  

There is a very cute children’s book titled “Henry Builds a Cabin”, author?  Google it.  Any who, Henry the bear builds a cabin with the help of a few friends.  One asks “Henry where are you going to eat?  Your cabin is so small!”  And Henry replies by sticking his head out the window of his cabin “Right here in the bean patch, join me”.  Another friend asks “Henry, there is nowhere in here to read, where will you read?”  To which Henry responds “Come with me out into my library” to which he goes into an open meadow.  Another friend asks him where will he dance, there is no ballroom.  He leads the friend down the grande staircase down to the pond and says “Welcome to my ballroom!”  It’s worth looking up at the library and reading…even if you have no children.  It’s a great message.

You’re Welcome.


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  1. enjoyed your “catch up” blogs, I know exactly how you feel about being “connected” to the earth and it’s seasons. Know I find myself “waiting” for the blue birds to show up or the humming birds, I’ll say “they are late this yr. wonder why”. Or watching to see who gets which bird house ! Wondering if certain bugs will show up on certain plants ..again !

    I love your little home and farm, wish I could be there more often. Look forward to canning together this yr. Sure hope the boys can come up with an outdoor kitchen for us !

    Once in Risk Canyon in Co. my friend Mary introduced me to her friend, and huge canner/farmer who had the most amazing outdoor kitchen, propane stove (S) sink, big working area tables and it was screened in! top of the line, a dirt floor, which helped the are stay cool and no moping required!!!

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