This made me so happy, you don’t even know


There is a tree stump in my backyard that my children like to climb on and jump off of.  My solution?  Plant things in front of it.  So, we planted some giant sunflowers and I also added a few black beans to the mix to just see how they grew, a little experiment if you will.  If you think about it, all grains and legumes are seeds, plant them and they will grow (go figure).  Well, my black beans have matured and the kids and I picked them.  I was over the moon!  It was so satisfying to know how easy it was to satisfy a need.  We are bean eaters in this rowdy bunch and we are going to grow beans like mad next year!


They were a tiny plants, didn’t thrive too well because the sunflowers shaded them.  However, we picked all of these pods.


There they are!!!


You like that?  I like that!  I yielded about a quarter of a cup.  Not spectacular, but I have about ten pinto bean plants out in the garden that are thriving and reaching for the sky…this could get really exciting in about another month!


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