FINALLY, some ripe watermelon!


Here are some photos of the first of our watermelons to come off a few weekends ago, being enjoyed by friends and family.  They were called sugar babies and were about 10-12 lbs. a piece.


My children never wear pants…but they love watermelon!


They looked so nice, I put them on here twice.


Isaac and Adam enjoying some.  Adam is a melon eating machine!  I think he’s made of melon.


Meet Abby.  She is Adam’s sister, she also ate her weight in watermelon.


This is P.J.  As you can see, the watermelon was a hit.


Adam was probably a half a watermelon deep at this point.


Kids are so cute when they eat watermelon.  It’s like the ultimate summer pleasure.


I believe this is what you call “watermelon drunk”.


Seed spitting…because we’re in Arkansas you know.

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