To cut okra or not to cut okra


The okra needs to be cut right now, I’m not going to do it.  To tell you the truth, okra is too high maintenance.  It requires your attention at least twice a day.  If you don’t give it what it wants, it will get you back by growing a foot and a half long by morning.  Now, you don’t want to let this happen, the reason being your plant will think it’s going to seed and stop producing.  So if you like high maintenance things, okra might be a crop you want to try out some summer.  I’m tired of cutting it.  I’m also tired of cutting the grass.  The amount of rain this area has received this year is annoying.  We haven’t watered the garden in over a month and things are green and lush.  The radio personality of the local public radio station mentioned it this one day and said “I’ll take it!”  Let her have it, I’ll take hot, HOT July and August. July was a complete waste.  August, you’re on the axe list for me too.  All my vegetables are suffering, but my grass, my grass is amazingly lush, long and moist.  I can’t keep up and I don’t even want too.  We need a ruminant to mow that lawn for us.  What a grand, green option.


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  1. Yes! You need goats and I can’t wait for the milk and cheese.
    I will be resorting to making cheese from store bought cows milk soon. 🙂

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