Daily Archives: March 30, 2009

Because because because



Last night, Paul and I planted a few more flats of tomatoes. It seems as though you can never have enough. I also planted some flat leaf Italian parsley and lavender. Last year, my lavender pursuits crashed and burned, but this year I am hopeful and expect results. Fingers crossed everyone, fingers crossed.
I feel that I also need to add this story about our chickens. Our rooster, Perry is of a Polish bantam variety. He’s smaller than your average rooster, but ten times as mean. He has attacked my family a few times, but I think he’s pretty okay with us in general, because we give him a place to stay, rent free. This weekend we went down to Hot Springs to visit the family and go to the horse races. We asked our neighbors, Bob and Wendy to open and shut the door to the chicken house while we were out of town. Paul told them to bring a “shoo stick” to wave in front of the rooster to shoo him away. Well, we get a call this evening from the neighbors informing us of the garden hoe in the front yard. The story goes, Perry was not about to let any stranger come near his coop. Apparently he chased them around the pond and out into the field. They had to exit through the far gate up at the paved road. The next night, Bob grabbed the garden hoe to try to keep Perry back, but it was no use. He chased him down the driveway and Bob threw the hoe at Perry in an attempt to stop him, as he ran back to his house. So….um…..does anyone want to chicken sit in July? It will only be a couple of days.