New page to check out


Just thought that I would bring to everyones attention that there is a new page on 2greenthumbs which you can locate at the top of the screen, called recipes.  From time to time I come across good recipes that are earth shattering for me and I feel the need to share them.  The recipe that is posted currently is for whole wheat tortillas.  We used to buy a lot of tortillas.  It was an organic brand and they were just ok.  Nothing stellar, but my kids loved them.  Paul was having issues with the waste that said tortillas accrued, meaning we were throwing away too many bags.  “There has to be a better way!” Paul said and he rushed to the internet and found a whole wheat tortilla recipe.  Also, we have a 50 lb. sack of whole wheat flour …it was a no-brainer.  At first I felt that it was going to be too much trouble, it sounds as if it would be, but it wasn’t.  Now, I am addicted to making my own tortillas.  They are so much better that anything I’ve ever bought at the store, I don’t think I can ever go back to doing so.  Yes, it is a little more work, but the outcome is well worth the 20 minutes it takes to make them.  It’s also a plus to know the exact ingredients involved in making them and to know that they didn’t have to travel from California to get here.  So I encourage you to try something new and make your own whole wheat tortillas.


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