You know it’s been a while when…


Brad Daniel, this is for you. Thank you for bringing my blog up at Christmas time, because if you didn’t, somebody else would have and I would have felt the same ache. I’ve needed to type the (insert verb) out of this for months now and no excuse in the world can cover up my laziness. Because that’s what it is really….laziness. I have other things to do like watch a movie and drink the finest of all malt liquors than to sit in my garage and chit chat about what my garden is not doing. So thank you Brad, you saved my blogs life.


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  1. Yay! I think 🙂 Glad my question motivated you to get started back up. I was so enamored with all the cool stories about you and Paul’s farm that is sparked a memory of 2greenthumbs. We don’t have a garden out here in our little townhouse yard, but we do like to keep flowers and we shined in ’07 and absolutely sucked in ’08. So, I will be reading the shit out of 2greenthumbs looking for pointers and when planting season comes around in Spring ’09, you’ll be at the top of the list for seeking out pointers!

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