Happy memorial day


I hope everyone is enjoying the sun, hot dogs, and cheap beer.  Last night and this morning Paul, our neighbor Doris, and I cleaned picked and cleaned some greens.  After the weigh in this afternoon we are sitting on 14 pounds.  Thank you Doris for your help.  What a difference just one extra set of hands and eyes make.  We are to deliver 29 pounds of lettuce for this coming up week.  So tonight, needless to say we will be picking some more.  In my opinion, I think our lettuce has hit its zenith and is now on the decline.  The stems are getting longer and more hardy.  To my glee and satisfaction if it were the case.  I don’t know though and only time will tell.  I would like to stretch it out for a few more weeks, possibly 4 more weeks until our bell peppers are around.  We have some pepper plants that have set fruits.  That’s going to be exciting when those start growing out of control.  I haven’t bought a bell pepper since last summer, and I don’t intend to.  Paul and I need to start thinking about mulch options.  Our tomato plants, and basil plants are going to need a mulch over the top to conserve the soil moisture.  Right now the heat is on in northwest Arkansas.  All spring up until this point has been nice and mild and then BAM, it’s 90 degrees.  


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