So guess what?


Today we sold 10 pounds of lettuce to Old Soul Organics a local grocery distributor.  An hour later, I was reading Oliver a story on the couch.  The local NPR station was playing classical music in the background.  Then I heard the familiar sound of the trivia quiz question music.  Usually I only play the quiz of fridays during “Film score friday” because they give out two movie passes.  But today I heard P.J. Robowski (the quirky KUAF announcer) say something about Old Soul Organics.  Today they were giving away a 35 pound box of organic produce.  This is a first for this radio station.  Usually they give away crappy things during the week like a $10 gift certificate to one of the most expensive restaurants in town, or a $10 gift card to the university bookstore.  I knew I had to have this.  The question:  What year was the peace sign invented?  1958, 1962, or 1966?  Now, being the regular NPR All things considered listener that I am, I knew the answer.  Maybe 3 weeks ago, possibly more, they did a story about how the peace sign was having its 50 year anniversary.  So I call (ring ring) I answer, and when the music on the radio stops playing and they announce a winner they say:  The winner is Amanda Wounderlich…..WOOOOOOOO!!!!  Close enough!  How about that!  It’s the first time I’ve ever won anything on the radio.  I’m so excited, so please be excited for me!


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