A little background


I thought I would post some pictures and talk briefly about what we’ve been doing since we moved in to this little homestead.  Paul and Roy have been working here and there trying to get our chicken coop to become a viable structure for habitation.  They have poured concrete and set posts, added some plywood siding, a roof and a window.  There is still more work to be done on it, we just need to find the right time to do it.  I am still working on my compost pile, even though it is the winter time, and things don’t compost as fast in cooler temperatures, but it’s rockin’!  we’ve been looking through seed catalogues getting our seed xmas list going.  We will be ordering our seeds this week sometime, and I just want to go crazy and get all of these exotic vegetables and flowers.  Only time and space can predict what will happen there.  About a month ago we had help putting in a cold frame to grow greens through the winter.  They’re growing, which is a plus.  So now I’m a cold frame advocate, where before I always thought ‘Yeah that’s a nice notion, but does it really work?’  It does.  Also, cyberspace, if anyone out there has any potato knowledge out there let me know.    Be well.     


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