Do you really have green thumbs?


WE WILL SEE! Welcome to my new baby. I’m glad you decided to join me today. My name is Amanda, and I recently moved onto an 11 acre farm in northwest Arkansas with my boyfriend Paul and our two kids. We are so excited to take this land, that has only been cut for hay, and grow some produce to supply some local restaurants. Being a stay-at-home mother, I’ve felt that I haven’t had the best opportunities to make extra money for our family, until now. I’m so excited to get my hands dirty, and become a good steward of the earth.

We moved to this farm November of 2007, and since the move we have been really busy preparing for the upcoming growing season. We raked acres and acres of fallen leaves and heaped them up, we started a compost pile, and a chicken coop, and just yesterday solicited our neighbors for a couple hundred pounds of horse manure! It’s all coming together slowly but surely. We still need to slap together a suitable greenhouse, to start our seeds, but we still have a few more weeks to think about that since our last frost here in this region is mid April.

Paul and I have been really interested in the no-till method of gardening. Last season we had a modest back yard plot that we tilled, and it worked out just fine. However, more and more we’ve been learning that the no till method seems like the way we want to go this time around. With the no till, you build your own soil with organic material, and lay it on top of the ground, and plant right into that. That way, you don’t disrupt the natural layers of the soil by tilling it all together. You don’t worry about having to get your soil tested to see what it needs, because you have all of the elements that it needs right in the mix of materials. You also don’t have to worry about what’s in your soil that you don’t know about such as building materials (which we encountered in our backyard garden), or unknown chemicals (which seems to be a problem in Arkansas, you can burn or dump whatever you want.) So the collection of the right materials is important, and has also been time consuming for us, and we will see what unfolds ans the days go on.

This farm has awakened another side of me as well, and I hope I can find the time to keep it up. Over the Holidays I wrote and illustrated my first children’s story, in a series that I hope to complete called Oliver on the Farm: A garden’s delight. It’s about my son Oliver and I picking vegetables, and taking them to a local restaurant here in town. He liked it a lot. I feel like I have a million other themes in my head, and I just need to get them out, and find someone to publish them….any body? So I think I’m just going to write and write for now and work on the publishing part later, because I have a lot of vegetables to grow, so stay tuned! we’ll see if the green thumb emerges.

Thanks for reading, and get your hands dirty!field-of-dreams.jpgfield-of-dreams.jpgfield-of-dreams.jpg


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  1. I am very impressed at the growth of my friend and her aspirations. I hope all your plantings grow well for you and that your thumbs stay as green as ever. I will be back with questions at a later time seeing as I have no green thumb. I can only grow hair and older at the moment so I will enlist your knowledge when the time comes. Congrats! And your land is beautiful!

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